Highest sustainability ambition. The new Berghaus is dedicated to providing its tenants and users with the highest environmental and innovation standards available. It is set to attain BREEAM Excellent certification. Naturally, it will integrate the latest advancements in smart technology.

BREEAM Excellent certification is being pursued for the Berghaus project. Read more about this in the BREEAM case study.

Innovative and environmentally friendly design measures

Clear development measures have been taken into account for the Berghaus project. There is flexibility in the core office space which is adaptable to multiple tenants as well as integration of a mixed-used situation, living, working, retail and restaurant. There will also be a revitalization of the original Berghaus façade as well as a green courtyard for residents. The overall landscape supports a sustainable use of plants and animals for the long term.

BREEAM-Excellent & Smart-Building Technology
Energy Label A++++

Technical solutions


Sustainability Berghaus Amsterdam

Heating, cooling & ventilation

Utilizing a collective heat and cold system (ATES installation), buildings can independently use heat and cold simultaneously, while heat and cold can be exchanged in the system. The distribution of heating and cooling is carried out by means of an integrated climate ceiling. Per office floor two control panels are installed. The distribution of heating and cooling In the common office areas and hospitality units are achieved by means of underfloor heating. All offices and indoor areas are mechanically ventilated, ventilation units are integrated in the climate ceiling. Fresh air will be filtered and, if desired, heated or cooled, and supplied to the overall space. Exhausted air will be released outside of the building.

Electricity generation

Electricity is generated via two transformers, each with a capacity of 1,000 kVA. In addition, electricity is also generated via the 1,255 solar panels which are divided over the two residential towers and the office tower. Per office floor approximately 10 VA/m² is available.


The office building will be fitted with high frequency LED lighting and fixtures which are integrated into the climate ceiling. Corridor areas are equipped with LED spots. The office floors are provided with daylight/motion sensors (1 per 40 sqm, conforming to BREEAM) in combination with daylight control, regulated per grid. The LED lighting will be controlled with a DALI-system and is adjustable per working zone. General lighting will be centrally operated by a touch panel. In the hospitality units, only emergency lighting will be Installed.


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