This development brings an exciting mix of retail stores, bars and restaurants to complement the office and residential space. From daily grocery shopping, to business lunches or a place to unwind with a glass of wine, the 2,797 sqm of retail & leisure space offers convenience and amenities at your fingertips.


Berghaus is a lively destination with a 24/7 offering with an energetic mix of retail, bars and restaurants to help you seize the day. Whether that is kick starting the day with breakfast or rounding off the day in style with a great dinner, Berghaus has it covered.  A perfect place to spend play time with family, friends and loved ones. Convenience, added value and a large measure of fun are the key ingredients to help you play!



An exciting market-style plaza, located on the ground floor level is central to the overall design at Berghaus and sits at the heart of the development. The retail and hospitality space is designed as open, active space that offers the maximum opportunity to engage and interact with the buildings resident and creates a reason to visit and stay a while. A vibrant and energetic place that’s sure to offer something for everyone.

Facts & Figures

Total retail & hospitality space

2,797 sqm

Lettable floor area

Retail space between

2,042 sqm

Lettable floor area

Coffee bar

263 sqm

Lettable floor area


492 sqm

Lettable floor area



Retail & hospitality space

Ground floor 2,462 sqm  Available

Ground floor

Retail 1,718 sqm

Coffee bar 263 sqm

Restaurant 492 sqm

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