The development is a dynamic multi-purpose campus featuring 20.813 sqm of lettable floor area. Berghaus provides a creative springboard for start-ups and global brands to shine – digital media, financial, retail, fin-tech, and across all fashion sectors. Positioned attractively and well-connected, this is an area in full development; providing businesses with a solid base and opportunity to grow in Amsterdam.




Designed to the highest specification and incorporating the latest building technology to provide smarter ways of working. Comfort and flexibility become the cornerstones of the building design while supporting efficient and effective working practices. Office spaces provide large, open plan, and spacious floor areas of over 1,000 sqm.



The internal design flexibility allows many opportunities to configure space to your specific needs including additional staircases to create interconnecting floors. BREEAM design standards are incorporated throughout; from construction, materials, operation, transport and maintenance all designed to optimise the building’s environmental performance.


Created to maximise space and movement; the office includes a beautiful blend of public spaces, courtyard gardens, south facing balconies, a centrepiece waterfall – all combined in a light, open design that encourages connectivity and movement throughout. This luxurious space shares a generous entrance that welcomes both employees and guests in style; this, in turn, creates a modern, well-lit sense of openness and provides an inspirational workspace for employees and visitors alike. It is this playful, open and connected mindset that sets Berghaus apart.



An exciting market-style plaza, located on the ground floor level is central to the overall design at Berghaus and sits at the heart of the development. The retail and hospitality space is designed as open, active space that offers the maximum opportunity to engage and interact with the buildings resident and creates a reason to visit and stay a while. A vibrant and energetic place that’s sure to offer something for everyone.

Facts & Figures

Total office space

20,813 sqm

Lettable floor area

Office space between

1,480-3,250 sqm

Average floor plate

Bike parking for offices


Spaces in front of the building

Underground parking


Spaces for residents



Level 5 to 10 | 1,480 SQM | Testfit working together | 80 workplaces

Level 5 to 10 | 1,480 SQM | Testfit closed | 47 workplaces

Level 5 to 10 | 1,480 SQM | Testfit mixed | 70 workplaces

Level 5 to 10 | 1,480 SQM | Testfit open | 80 workplaces

Level 2 to 4 | 3,250 SQM | Testfit GPA | 160 workplaces

Level 1 | 3,250 SQM | Testfit GPA | 122 workplaces

Level 1 | 3,250 SQM | Testfit GPA | 122 workplaces

Groundfloor | Retail and hospitality

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