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Berghaus is a dynamic, multi-purpose development in the heart of ‘New-West’ Amsterdam. A vision for the future that embraces Amsterdam’s rich heritage, preserved and reimagined in the heart of the Fashion District. A unique destination that brings to life the Work, Play, Live concept around which Berghaus has been designed. The development perfectly blends office, living and retail space to meet the demands of tomorrows lifestyle. Berghaus is ideally positioned and appointed to offer great possibilities in the heart of this thriving and fast developing part of Amsterdam.



In 1882 the famous Berghaus Fashion Atelier was created in the centre of Amsterdam; after 82-years of successful trading, time came to expand their boundaries. The development of Berghaus Plaza provided a unique opportunity for the Fashion Atelier to flourish in what is now known as the Amsterdam Fashion District.
The new Berghaus development sees history repeating itself through a revival of Prof. H.T. Zwiers original design concept, first realised in 1964. This area has long been a busy business district, packed with fashion merchants, traders and factories. Our ambition is simple; to build on the success of the past and welcome in a new era of growth. Berghaus adds new energy and vibrancy to this continually developing area.


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The total development includes 20,813 sqm of lettable office space, 2,797 sqm of lettable retail space and 288 rentable apartments, with an open lobby for the public. Around the main square the design of the retail space creates a vibrant market feel that adds energy and interest when you visit a restaurant or retail store. The overall design includes carefully placed underground parking which releases space for public squares (and abundant greenery). Our design team have reimagined what once was and created something unique for the area.



Berghaus has been designed with people and the community at heart. Our Work, Play, Live concept ensures that the mix of amenities and facilities provide the foundations that allow a lively 24/7 community to flourish. At its core a place where thriving business can grow and prosper, in turn providing innovative spaces for business to thrive and support fulfilling job opportunities. A place where city dwellers can feel close to all the city has to offer whilst being able to step away from the bright lights, and enjoy the warmth of a true home. Carefully considered and planned to promote a healthy working and living environment with a conscious connection between indoor and outdoor space.
We like to call it Community by Design.

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Created with the needs of tomorrow in mind, open spaces are maximised across the total building design; additional staircases, open plan floor space and wide access points within the building help keep a healthy flow. Creating room for personal space is at the forefront of our design thinking.



The entire building complex speaks with one formal language, with an emphasis on the horizontal craftsmanship of the famous early 20th-century Amsterdam School. The elegant rounding of the corners amplifies a luxurious atmosphere – also a typical feature of the Amsterdam School, translated here with 21st-century materials. The redevelopment echoes the form and detailing of Prof. H.T. Zwiers original design, combining old and new to create a light and spacious building with the character that inspired it’s original design.
Contributing to this expanding city centre, our design (with HEYLIGERS architects) for Berghaus Plaza floats transparent new residential towers on top of existing office buildings – an elegant solution for a universal urban dilemma.
As urbanization continues its advance, the smartest solutions provide new space through densification, rather than suburban sprawl.

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